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What is the best plan for me?

Serial search is an annual subscription. It will cost a different amount depending on which plan you choose, but if you choose to subscribe you will pay the amount of your plan every year. To view all our scalable membership packages, click here!

I can only see the 5 most recent searches. How can I see more?

If you haven't subscribed to Serial Search, you will only see the 5 most recent searches. If you have subscribed Serial Search, check to make sure you are logged in or refresh the page.

Can my family use my account?

Yes, of course! If you have the Family + plan you will be able to add sub-users who can add and manage their own devices.

Can my staff use my account?

Yes. Both our Business and Corporate plans come with the ability to add employees as sub-users. If you are an enterprise business, invite your asset manager to Serial Search to manage their local devices. These sub-users have the ability to add, manage and delete their assigned devices if you give them permission to.
These sub-users can only view their own devices, and if allowed, can invite more sub-users.

How many devices can I add and manage?

The number of devices you can add and manage depending on your plan. This starts at 5 devices and goes up to unlimited for the high tier plans.

What is a sub-user?

With select Serial Search memberships, you can invite sub-users to your account. Whether you are a small family or an enterprise business, sub-users are the perfect way of managing your assets. Additionally, you can assign or revoke certain sub user's special permissions, such as editing and deleting devices or even the ability to add more sub-users!